You Gotta Have a Brain is a song from the animated Little Shop episode Real Men Aren't Made of Quiche.

In the show, Junior has created a man out of vegetables and is trying to enlist Seymour to help him obtain a human brain to bring it to life.


Junior The Dim Bulbs
No way!

It's just not possible,

And as a matter of fact, it's not logical!

A man without a brain?

Come on, give me a break!

That's like a bowl of cereal without the flakes!

You know it takes a brain to count from one to ten,

Figure the odds, know the beginning from the end.

It takes brains to bust a move!

It takes brains to win and lose!

Build a man without brains?

Come on, get serious!

Yeah, you better get yourself some plant food,

Cuz you're delirious!

How's he gonna know right from wrong,

Or even understand the meaning of this song?

You gotta have a brain!
You need it now!

Nope, nuh-uh, you can't wait!

Gotta have a brain!
Yep, yep, you gotta have a brain

Or you'll vegetate!

You gotta have a brain!
So move it cuz, uh, it's gettin' kinda late!

Yep, yep!

Gotta have a brain!
Before you vegetate!