I'm sure all you LSOH die-hard and non die-hard fans know what the director's cut is. If not, the Director's Cut of Little Shop of Horrors is the original intended ending (That's also the ending of the show musical), but due to poor results in the test previews, Oz (The Director) was forced to scrap all of Conway's (Maker of the Audrey II puppet who also constructed the entire original ending) hard work on the ending, which was completely constructed, by hand, with minitures and absolutely no green-screening or artifical effects. Everything was filmed live and as-is. 

Now, I've watched The Director's Cut millions of times, but this time it was different. If you've ever watched the director's cut ending, then you know after the plants rampage and destroy New York, Audrey II bursts through the "Movie Screen", this was to preserve the effect of Audrey II, eating the audience as was dropping vines on the audience in the stage play. All the other times I've watched it, it was on a TV. I wasn't alive when they had the test screenings to get the full intended effect of watching it on a large screen or wall, until now. I just borrowed a projector and finished the ending. The movie seemed to have a much more powerful effect on me than it had all the other times. I felt like those people that participate during The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Want to see it, still haven't, don't hate me!) I knew every line, every lyric. And I was smiling at all the wrong times and laughing at all the right times. I genuinely felt like I was part of the origninal audience for the test viewings of Little Shop Of Horrors. And I loved it. Every delicous bit of it.

But that's not all, for the first time I watched through the entire credits, and you get something of a bit of award for it. A medley of songs that was not included on the soundtrack, the medley included: Little Shop Of Horrors (Shortened, non-extended version), Dentist!, Feed Me (Git It!) (it started on "If you need a rationale..." Right after: "Now Spit!" from Dentist), Some Fun Now, and finally Suddenly Seymour. All in all an amazing ride for the senses.

I would get a projector just to watch this over and over again.

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