It's offical. We're getting a new LSOH Cast Recording.

But what cast you ask?

the Encores! cast of course!

This cast consisted of Jake Gylenhaal as Seymour and Ellen Greene, reprising her role as Audrey, with Eddie Cooper as Audrey II (For the smaller pods, a little boy named Anwar Kaheem ran around with a plastic model of the plant)

If you don't know what Encores! is, it's more of a Concert, rather than a Musical Production. So no plant puppets here, folks (Expect for a small model of one). Still, there are a few props here and there (Gas Masks, Dentist Chairs) but nothing to get in the way of the music.

It was just confirmed today over on the Howard Ashman FEED ME! forums, by Sarah Ashman, as you can see [| here].

Here are some production pics:

So, we'll be adding this to our list of relevant LSOH Productions, and we'll have a Jake Gyllenhaal page.

Welp, That's it for now,

just remember!

Don't Feed The Plants

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