You remember the wonderful cut ending? Well, there's another cut ending I bet you don't know about. Although, you may know about some of it. 

As a early draft, LSOH (1986) was pretty different than the stage play. The main points being: 1) Audrey dies, but Seymour does not. 2) A cut TV Interview (Which we have the storyboards for as well), 3) The cut song "Bad".

If you'd like to check out said script, you won't have to look far....


I'll be updating pages with this info, and you can as well if you'd like to. But please be aware, as this script was never used, it is Non-Canon, excluding the similarites with the movie and Stage Show.

Welp, that's all from me,

just remember:

Whatever they offer you, 

Don't feed the plants!!

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