When I was younger, I used to watch and rewatch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on VHS. I owned a couple episodes, had the movie, and thought it was the best thing ever. Waaaayyyy better than any of the trashy Power Rangers that started to emerge (Time Force, Dino Force, Samurai, Megaforce [ACK!])

But this film didn't dissapoint, despide the 30+ min wait for the real action, I really found myself enjoying the movie. Especially with all the nods to the Power Rangers TV show (It's morphin time, Go Go Power Rangers, the syncronized speaking in the Megazord), as well as the little kick in the gut to Transformers, where The Red Rangers' Zord accidentally crushes a black and yellow camero and says: "Sorry, Bumblebee!" This movie was my Childhood compressed in roughly 90 minutes.

Go Go Power Rangers.

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