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  • FiveCraft

    Long title. I'm sorry.

    Anyways, I recently bought the concept album of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If you don't know what Joseph is, it's likely your name is Zandra or something. (Either that or you've been living under a rock for most of your life)

    Joseph is all about a young wee lad named Joseph is favored by his father, making his other eleven brothers extremely jelaous. So his bros sell him into slavery, and long story short, becomes "Pharoah's Number Two."

    I've always love Joseph, and that hasn't changed one bit. I'm an emotional person, you could say, so yes I still cry at the end. Donny Osmond does a great job in the title role, but to me, I think that Maria Friedman as the Narrator and Robert Torti as Pharoah really …

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  • FiveCraft

    It's offical. We're getting a new LSOH Cast Recording.

    But what cast you ask?

    the Encores! cast of course!

    This cast consisted of Jake Gylenhaal as Seymour and Ellen Greene, reprising her role as Audrey, with Eddie Cooper as Audrey II (For the smaller pods, a little boy named Anwar Kaheem ran around with a plastic model of the plant)

    If you don't know what Encores! is, it's more of a Concert, rather than a Musical Production. So no plant puppets here, folks (Expect for a small model of one). Still, there are a few props here and there (Gas Masks, Dentist Chairs) but nothing to get in the way of the music.

    It was just confirmed today over on the Howard Ashman FEED ME! forums, by Sarah Ashman, as you can see [| here].

    Here are some production pics…

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  • FiveCraft

    You remember the wonderful cut ending? Well, there's another cut ending I bet you don't know about. Although, you may know about some of it. 

    As a early draft, LSOH (1986) was pretty different than the stage play. The main points being: 1) Audrey dies, but Seymour does not. 2) A cut TV Interview (Which we have the storyboards for as well), 3) The cut song "Bad".

    If you'd like to check out said script, you won't have to look far....

    Here it is! VVVVVVVVVVVVVV

    I'll be updating pages with this info, and you can as well if you'd like to. But please be aware, as this script was never used, it is Non-Canon, excluding the similarites with the movie and Stage Show.

    Welp, that's all from me,

    just remember:

    Whatever they offer you, 

    Don't feed the plants!!

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  • FiveCraft

    Hey guys, hope you are all having a great day,

    I've been trying to research the cartoon Little Shop, I've found the episodes on youtube, although Wikipedia has little information on the series' episodes. Unfortunately, I am lazy, and I don't want to watch all those episodes (13, just like Netflix) So I'm looking for those who are willing to watch them as well, and help make specific pages for each episode. (So far I've only watched Bad Seed) I know this may be asking a little much, but for the layout of the episode pages I'm thinking something like these from the One Piece Wiki.

    If you're interested, let me know below...

    (Those interested may get a special "award" if the system I'm researching works out, hint, hint.)

    I'll eventually start on t…

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  • FiveCraft

    I designed this Audrey II, phase 4 for my school production. Unfortunately, things fell apart (Legal Issues) and it never was made.

    However...I am going to finish it eventually, and (along with the other plant phases) will donate them to a theater group. Tell me what you think, and maybe I'll make computer images of the others and let ;you guys have a look at those as well....


    Don't Feed The Plants!

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