Little Shop
Season 1, Episode 8
Little Shop of Horrors Cartoon - Halloween
Air date October 26, 1991
Written by Steve Cuden
Directed by Karen Peterson
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Air Junior
It's a Wonderful Leaf

Untitled Halloween Story is the eighth episode that Fox aired of the animated Little Shop TV series.


Junior intervenes to ensure Seymour goes trick-or-treating with Audrey, who's set her sights on becoming a telephone operator. But the trio's Halloween outing isn't about candy or romance, Junior has his own ulterior motive.




  • The on-screen title actually is "Untitled Halloween Story." It's unclear if this was another overseas animation blunder but the episode's writer, Steve Cuden, who couldn't recall the exact circumstances of the bizarre name, later remarked, " It is (and was) strange, even to me."
  • The first appearance of Frankenstein's Monster and the second appearance of Igor.
  • Although he was glimpsed in previous episodes, this is the first time that Burson Fouch speaks. He sounds nothing like Dick Miller.
  • Mr. Mushnick heads "to the used knife store to get a carving knife." Audrey previously worked at a used shoe store, and Paine got his retainer stuck in a used magnet store. Apparently there are no shops with new merchandise on Skid Row.


  • Seymour: We always seem to get a lot of strange people in the shop on Halloween. Come to think of it, we get a lot of strange people when it isn't Halloween.
  • Mr. Mushnick: Seymour, answer the phone. What do you think I hardly pay you for?
  • Seymour: But Junior, everyone carves Jack-O-Lanterns out of pumpkins on Halloween!
    Junior: I suppose if people made pies out of pumpkins, you'd do that too!
    Seymour: Should I tell him?
  • Audrey: This is Seymour's friend, Bud.
    Mr. Mushnick: Hmmm. I didn't know Seymour had any friends.
  • Igor: Aren't you Seymour, the one that rhymes with Igor?
  • Junior: Let's make like a dead leaf and blow!
  • Audrey: I haven't had this much fun since the waterworks burned down!
  • Seymour: I'm glad you're back, Junior! I was really afraid after you left, until finally I admitted what it is I was afraid of. Then I wasn't as afraid of it as I was afraid I was!
  • Audrey: I have to go to the firehouse. They're washing out the insides of the hoses today!

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