The Little Shop of Horrors Book by John McCarty and Thomas McGee is a chronicle of the original film, the Off-Broadway production and the 1986 movie musical.


Written by a pair of film fans and including dozens of black-and-white photos, this book features an early look at the rise of a cult movie to its stage success and transition back to the silver screen.

The meat of the book is comprised of original interviews with 1960 cast members Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles, Dick Miller, and screenwriter Charles B. Griffith, as well as the foreward by Roger Corman. With hazy remembrances thanks to its minuscule production time, most of them veer off topic with stories of their other works for Corman and beyond, plus there's a filmography with a brief set of credits for each of their movies.

The section on the stage musical doesn't include any original interviews, but there are a handful of photos and a wealth of information about the production's roots and rise to international acclaim.

A section on the 1986 film features brief bios, credits, reviews, and 11 pages on the making of the then-recent movie. Much of this section was compiled from materials in the Production Information section of press kit[1] and from other periodicals.


Section Summary Page
Foreward by Roger Corman 8
Chapter 1 The Original Film 20
Credits 22
The Story 30
Interviews Jonathan Haze (Seymour Krelboined) 48
Haze Filmography 57
Jackie Joseph (Audrey Fulquard) 62
Joseph Filmography 77
Mel Welles (Gravis Mushnik) 78
Welles Filmography 85
Dick Miller (Bourson Fouch) 88
Miller Filmography 103
Charles B. Griffith (The Writer) 107
Griffith Filmography 114
Chapter 2 The Musical 120
The Creators 122
Credits 128
The Story 130
The Performers 133
The Special Effects 138
Chapter 3 The Movie Musical 144
The Flowering of "Little Shop" 145
The Reviews 146
Cast & Crew Credits 148
The Performers 151
The Making of the Movie Musical 158
Chapter 4 Appendix - Record, Video and in Print 170
Bibliography 174
About the Authors 176


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