Sominex/Suppertime II is a short song in which Audrey voices her concerns about Seymour. In the second half, it is simply a reprise of Suppertime, in which the Audrey discovers that Audrey II can talk and is injured by the plant, later Audrey eventually dies. The Sominex interlude is ommitted from the 1986 Movie and is not included on the 1986 Soundtrack.


1982 Off-Broadway Lyrics

Audrey Audrey II Seymour
I couldn't sleep
I took a Sominex
But voices in my head kept saying
Go to Seymour, talk to Seymour
I drank some tea
But gee the feeling wasn't gone
Seymour, sweetheart
Tell me, darling
What's been going on?
Hey little lady, hello.
(Spoken) Who, who said that?
You're lookin' cute as can be.
Is somebody else in there?
You're lookin' mighty sweet.
No! It ain't Seymour!
(Spoken) It's me!
Oh my god!
(Singing) Your friendly Audrey II,
(Spoken) This plant is talking,
To you.
Am I dreaming this?
No! And you ain't in Kansas, neither!
Do me a favor, and get me some water, sweetheart
I'm real thirsty!
(Singing) Come on, and give me a drink!
I don't know if I should!
Hey, little lady be nice!
You just want water, right?
Sure do, I'll drink it straight.
You're branches are dry, poor thing.
Don't need no glass or no ice.
I'll get the can!
Don't need no twist of lime!
Here we go!
(Spoken) And now it's Suppertime!
(Spoken) Get off of her!
Get off of her!