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AudreyIIBot FiveCraft Correcting Typos, adding categories, and Creating Skeleton Articles.

Bot Guidelines

  • All Registered Bots will have Bot somewhere in their account name
  • They will have the same exact privs as the operator. (In other words, if the operator is an Admin, so is the Bot)
  • A Bot cannot be a Bureaucrat, and will not be listed on the Staff Members page, it will however be listed in the operators description, if the operator happens to be an Admin.
  • If a Bot is used for purposes that are intentionally harmful, the bot will be banned indefinitely and the operator will be banned for a certain amount of time, depending on the scenario and occurrences.
  • If a Bot makes a mistake, then the bot will be temporarily banned while we sort out the problem with the operator.
  • The bots tasks must always be updated before switching tasks!
  • If a bot is an admin, it will get the VT323 Font and the same color scheme as the Operator's Admin colors.

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