Paine Driller is the resident bully in the animated Little Shop TV series.

Character Info

With his intimidating stature, this son of a deranged dentist wears an exaggerated retainer which he sometimes uses as a slingshot to hurl objects at unsuspecting targets - most notably at wimpy Seymour Krelborn, whom he frequently uses as a punching bag.

There are glimpses of humanity in Paine, however, as he secretly has a crush on Audrey Mushnick and even showed his soft side by performing in a show at the Skid Row Community Theater. A former vegetarian, Paine has decided to unleash his inner carnivore by shunning vegetables altogether, which might have something to do with his bulky frame.




Paine was clearly inspired by the musical's Orin Scrivello, whom was inspired by the original film's Dr. Phoebus Farb. However, the two of characters also served to inspire Dr. Driller, Paine's father.