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"Closed For Renovation (Not Really)"
Hey there! The Little Shop Of Horrors Wiki is currently under extensive renovation! But you can help us with getting through faster! Just go to Category:Stubs, they are stubs, and they need more info, just let us know before you remove the stub notice, or go start one of these pages, these pages are wanted, meaning they are referenced in an article on a wiki, but their page does not yet exist, but we want it to! Thanks for taking an interest in the Little Shop Of Horrors Wiki!

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  • Prolouge (Little Shop Of Horrors)Go to Prolouge (Little Shop Of Horrors)
  • Skid Row (Downtown)Go to Skid Row (Downtown)
  • Grow For MeGo to Grow For Me
  • Da-DooGo to Da-Doo
  • Somewhere That's GreenGo to Somewhere That's Green
  • Some Fun NowGo to Some Fun Now
  • Dentist!Go to Dentist!
  • Feed Me (Git It)Go to Feed Me (Git It)
  • Now (It's Just The Gas)Go to Now (It's Just The Gas)
  • Suddenly SeymourGo to Suddenly Seymour
  • The Meek Shall InheritGo to The Meek Shall Inherit
  • Mean Green Mother From Outer SpaceGo to Mean Green Mother From Outer Space
  • Don't Feed The PlantsGo to Don't Feed The Plants

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Little Shop of Horrors is a musical and movie set in a 60's New York about a boy, a girl, a dentist, a greedy shop-keeper, and a plant. Everything seems normal, until Seymour buys an unusual plant after a total eclipse of the sun, and discovers the strange nature of his plant, who requires human blood to grow.

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