The Little Shop of Horrors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack to the 1986 movie, Little Shop of Horrors. It was released in 1986.

Song List

  1. Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)
  2. Skid Row (Downtown)
  3. Da-Doo
  4. Grow For Me
  5. Somewhere That's Green
  6. Some Fun Now
  7. Dentist!
  8. Feed Me (Git It)
  9. Suddenly, Seymour
  10. Suppertime
  11. The Meek Shall Inherit
  12. Mean Green Mother From Outerspace
  13. Finale (Don't Feed The Plants)


Several singles were released from the Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack.

In the US: Mean Green Mother From Outerspace (Radio Edit) / Da-Doo, Dentist! / Dentist! (Edit), and Suddenly, Seymour / Finale (Don't Feed The Plants).

In Canada: Mean Green Mother From Outerspace / Da-Doo.

In Europe: Dentist! / Some Fun Now.

In Australia: Dentist! / Some Fun Now.

In UK: Dentist! / Some Fun Now.


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