"You ain't in Kansas, neither!"

The Following Information is non-Canon. Little Shop is not canon to the Little Shop of Horrors musical, and should be thought of as its own separate world.

Little Shop is a 1991 TV Series based on the 1986 film based on the 1982 musical based on the 1960 film. When Frank Oz was planning a prequel film to the 1986 film called Little Shop, Warner Bros. turned down the idea, so then, Frank Oz decided to turn it into a TV series, which got accepted. The TV Series was made for FOX Kids Channel in 1991 to 1992.


Despite the gruesome theme of murder, horror, abuse, and violence in the previous versions of Little Shop of Horrors, Little Shop was aimed at children and thus had no violent themes. Audrey II was changed to make the show fit for children. Audrey II's name was changed back to Audrey Jr.. to make it different from the 1986 film, and was no longer a potty-mouted, trash-talking, psycho violent plant with taste for human flesh and blood. Orin Scrivello, DDS was also changed, he isn't a sadistic dentist with anger issues, but instead a school bully as Paine Driller.

In this show, Seymour and Audrey are 13-year olds instead of young adults. Every character's design was changed, except for Mr. Mushnik. Audrey is not a black-skirt blonde with an extremely high-pitched voice, but a normal-pitch voice Asian black-haired brunette with a pink striped outfit and bow. Seymour was still the same character, but now wears a red hat, has a hairstyle similar of Bart Simpson, speaks like Charlie Brown, and wears a yellow shirt and blue pants.

Audrey Jr. is frequently called just "Junior" instead of Twooey by Seymour. He eats meat instead, such as a triple pepperoni pizza with some anchovies. He also has eyes now, and is more taller than in the 1986 film version. In the pilot episode, he told Seymour he would help Audrey fall in love with him if Seymour helped him bust out of the shop, something Audrey II would never do.

Voice Cast

These are the voice actors/actresses who voiced the five main characters of the show:

  • Jana Lexxa as Seymour Krelborn
  • Jennie Kwan as Audrey Mushnik
  • Harvey Atkin as Mr. Mushnik
  • Terry McGee as Audrey Jr.
  • Mark Ryan as Paine Driller

Jana Lexxa and Terry McGee both are unknown actors who are very infamous, with unknown citizen records.

Episode Title Original Airdate #)
Bad Seed 9-07-1991 1
Real Men Aren't Made of Quiche 9-14-1991 2
Back to the Fuchsia 9-21-1991 3
Unfair Science 9-28-1991 4
Stage Blight 10-5-1991 5
I Loathe A Parade 10-12-1991 6
Air Junior 10-19-1991 7
Untitled Halloween Story 10-26-1991 8
It's A Wonderful Leaf 11-2-1991 9
Tooth or Consequences 11-9-1991 10
Walk Like A Nerd 11-16-1991 11
Pulp Fiction 11-23-1991 12
Married to the Mush 11-30-1991 13

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