Audrey Junior, more commonly referred to as just Junior is a carnivorous plant from the prehistoric vegezoic era, which sprouted from a fossilized seed found by 13 year-old Seymour Krelborn, a young flower shop employee.

Character Info

Not only was Junior sprouted with the ability to speak English, but he also possesses the supernatural ability of mind control, as well as "vegetable magnetism," which allows him to telepathically manipulate any object that's plant-based (wood, rubber, etc.).

Although he can speak - and has a penchant for rapping - he's decided to keep this a secret between Seymour and himself, since the rest of his species was forced into extinction by the dinosaurs.

Junior does not eat anything that's plant-based, but he loves to chow down on meat, and he's been known to devour junkyard dogs and a human or two.




Officially, Junior is adapted from the plant of the same name in Roger Corman's original 1960 film , but the character's design is far more reminiscent of Audrey II from the 1986 movie musical. Just like "Twoey," Junior's body is comprised of a thin stem and a bulbous head - though Junior possesses eyeballs, which Audrey II did not.