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Grow for Me, is a song in the 1986 Little Shop of Horrors. It is sung by Seymour to describe his anguish at how Audrey II wont accept anything he gives it. This song also introduces Audrey II voracious appetite for blood.


Seymour: I've given you sunshine I've given you dirt You've given me nothin' But heartache and hurt! I'm beggin' you sweetly I'm down on my knees. Oh please- Grow for me.

I've given you plantfood And water to sip I've given you potash. You've given me zip. Oh god how I mist you Oh pod how you tease So please- Grow for me.

I've given you Southern exposure To get you to thrive I've pinched you back hard, Like I'm supposed ta, Your're barely alive I've tried you at levels of moisture, From desert to mud.

I've given you grow-lights and mineral supplements. What do you want from me? Blood?

"Ouch! Damned roses! Damned thorns! Clumsy me. Hey, Twooey, look what I did! Hey, you opened up! I wonder what made you do that? I think I know what made you do that. Well, I guess a few drops couldn't hurt. Long as you don't make a habit out of it or anything."

I've given you sunlight I've given you rain Looks like you're not happy 'less I open a vein! I'll give you a few drops If that'll appease Now please- Oh please-

Grow for me?

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