Burson Fouch is a man who wanders into Mr. Mushnick's shop one day, shocking everyone when he begins salting and feasting on carnations. As a paying customer, the staff overlooks his quirk, and he soon becomes a fixture in Mr. Mushnick's flower shop.

Fouch had a significant role in the original movie, he was featured in the comic book adaptation and had many brief cameos in the animated series, but his character was cut from the musical.

Actor Dick Miller actually ate the flowers on-screen, and was asked to prove it for interviewers on several other occasions - which he did!

Character Info

A world traveler, Mr. Fouch delights in dining in out of-the-way flower shops, feeling that the bigger chains are so focused on appearance that the florets lose their nutritional value. Fouch is observant, and with his sarcastic and charismatic nature, he's prone to being the voice of reason in the conversations of others. Although we never see his wife, it's implied that her diet also consists of flowers.