Little Shop
Season 1, Episode 1
Little Shop - Bad Seed - Junior and Seymour
Air date September 7, 1991
Written by Mark Edward Edens
Directed by Karen Peterson
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Bad Seed is the first episode of Little Shop the animated series.


Seymour discovers a fossilized seed which sprouts into Junior, a prehistoric carnivorous flytrap who has the ability to verbalize. Junior wants to return to the forest to be with others of his kind, but discovers his species has gone extinct, so he returns to the flower shop where Seymour works and attempts to inspire the other plants to revolt against mankind.




  • During Seymour's caveman fantasy, there's a visual references to The Persistence of Memory, a famous painting by Salvador Dali. This would go on to be further exploited in "Time," a song performed in the episode Back to the Fuchsia.
  • While tumbling through a hole in the garbage dump, Seymour falls past 1960s signs that read "Flower Power" and "Kennedy for President." Later, Paine hurls Seymour into a poster on the school bulletin board which says, "Drink Milk!" At the time when the show was made, the dairy industry was heavily aiming milk propaganda at children.
  • Singing floral chorus The Dim Bulbs consist of 6 flowers in this episode, and only one has eyeballs. As the show progressed, they gradually whittled them down to a trio to mirror Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon from the musical. Perhaps the other 3 were sold... or died as a result of being overwatered by Seymour.
  • The sign above the compost bags reads "" with the "o" resembling a period.
  • Seymour and Junior find themselves outside Warhol's Soup factory, referencing the famous Campbell's Soup Cans painting by Andy Warhol.
  • Features the first appearance of flower-eating Burson Fouch, which is just a small cameo at the end of the show.


  • Seymour: I'm Seymour Krelborn, and I've spent 13 years trying to become a nerd. You see, my problem is I've got everything it takes to be a nerd... except brains.
  • Seymour: Ya know, sometimes I wish Paine liked me. That's kind of funny since I don't like him.
  • Junior: I've been watching you all day... and was it ever boring!


This following video is not taken from The Little Shop Archive - and the advantage is that the picture's a little clearer and the sound is in stereo. "Bad Seed" is immediately followed by "Stage Blight."

Little Shop (1991)

Little Shop (1991)

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