Audrey Mushnick is the daughter of Mr. Mushnick, owner of the flower shop, and the object of both Seymour Krelborn's and Paine Driller's affections in the Little Shop animated series.

Character Info

A modern 20th century girl, young Audrey has become very self-reliant following the inexplicable disappearance of her mother. She's warm, friendly and outgoing, generally sporting bows in her hair with a pink striped outfit.

Although she has unflappable aspirations to become a firefighter someday, Audrey finds a new occupation to obsess over each week (milkmaid, refrigerator repairman, stagehand, shoe saleswoman, sports reporter, telephone operator, etc.).



Unlike the blond, browbeaten Audrey of the musical, this version is brunette, as Jackie Joseph was in the original film, and has little in common with her counterparts. She's friendly toward Seymour but shows no romantic interest in either him or Paine, who would also like to be her boyfriend.