"You ain't in Kansas, neither!"

The Following Information is non-Canon. Demos and deleted songs are not considered canon to the Little Shop of Horrors musical, as they were not included in the final version of the musical, instead think of them as part of the history of making LSOH.

"A Salute to Vegetables" is a song written by lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken for the 1986 film. The scene would have immediately followed The Meek Shall Inherit and took place when Seymour entered the shop to find the television crew. As originally scripted, a group of singers and dancers were inside shooting a TV special/commercial for Del Monte foods.

In early drafts the scene was titled "Del Monte Presents the Annual Rosebowl Spectacular with Special Guest Star Audrey Two," and this version seemed to mimic the lyrical rhythm of Ya Never Know and Some Fun Now. Through various drafts, the name was changed to "Del Monte Presents Audrey Two in a Salute to Vegetables," and the song was completely revised with just an introductory verse which abruptly ends as the plant collapses onto the floor.

Variations of the song remained in the screenplay until the final draft in September 1985, when it was ultimately dropped. It's unknown if the revised version was recorded for use in the film (which seems plausible since the initial studio recording sessions took place in April 1985 and the scene remained in subsequent script revisions), but the sequence did find its way into the 1987 D.C. comic book adaptation, featuring Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon as the singers.


Original Version

Del Monte Singers
It's time to talk about 'em!
Ya couldn't live without 'em!
Face the facts, kids,
Popeye was right!
So doncha pick those peas
Out of your Tuna Delight!
You gotta eat a lotta
You gotta know there's not a
Food group half as crisp and complete!
Don't it beat the sox off nasty red meat?
Go tell your mom you wannem
Try puttin' tofu on 'em!
Don't ignore them
Cause if you do --
Someday you'll be a
Vegetable too!

Revised Version

Del Monte Singers
Who's the best, the beautiful green one?
Audrey Two!!
Who's a star if ever I've seen one?
Audrey Two!!
Look at them! Those leaves! That stem!
She puts the rest to root!
Yes, who makes photosynthesis seem cute?
Our Au-drey!
Au... Au... Aud...!