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Audrey II on the statue of liberty in the original ending of "Little shop of Horrors"

The original ending to the film was a planned version to end the 1986 movie of Little Shop of Horrors(1986 film), but was scrapped. The original ending was given negative reviews by test audiences, which forced the film crew to re-film the ending again. The ending is 23 minutes long and had an expensive budget considering the total budget of the movie. David Geffen had wanted to release the ending again, but the color printed version of the film was destroyed by a fire. He claims to own a copy of a colored version, but refuses to sell it. Steve Martin and Vincent Gardenia do not appear in the original ending, as their characters were already eaten. The scene starts from where Audrey II had finished his "fake" phone call to Audrey before the song "Suppertime II." This ending is more similar to the ending of the Broadway musical and all the other musical versions.


Audrey II had finished the phone call to Audrey, and she has come into the shop, not able to believe seeing a talking enormous plant. Soon, Twoey asks Audrey for a cup of water, and after Audrey with the can, the plant grabs her body with vines, and brings her into his mouth, adding that she should join Orin and Mr. Mushnik inside. A loud crushing chomp sound is heard, and Seymour comes back into the shop, trying to rescue Audrey. This is where the original ending's plot begins. Soon, Seymour runs to the alley carrying Audrey, who is still half-alive, but has internal injuries that won't let her keep alive. Seymour begs her not to die, but Audrey instead tells him that if he feeds her to the plant, he will get the fame and fortune from the Meek and they will always be together. She sings to Seymour as if she were a plant, inside of Audrey II (Revision of Somewhere That's Green). Soon, Audrey faints after shuddering her last breath and dies. Seymour holds her closely one final time, and he decides to do something he wishes never happened.

Seymour brings Audrey's body to Twoey's mouth, and sad tragedy music strikes. Seymour is so upset he can't speak, and after Audrey is inside Twoey's mouth, the plant slowly swallows her, & Seymour tries to touch her hand, but her hand disappears for the very last time. Then, he runs out of the shop, nearly gets hit by a car, climbs a ladder on a building, and tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building. However, Patrick Martin shows up (the actor who portrays Martin in the original ending is Paul Dooley, instead of James Belushi in the happy ending). Patrick Martin shows Seymour that he will cut samples of Twoey and sell them globally across the country, but first asks Seymour for permission. Staring at the little pod sample cut from the plant, Seymour sees the plant pod smiling at him. Then, he runs back to the Flower Shop and Patrick Martin angrily complains at him for not answering his question. Martin barks down at the fleeing Seymour that Audrey II is public domain and that the samples of him will be taken, with or without his approval.

After running back into the shop, Seymour complains at Twoey that he was planning to spread offspring-like clones across America all the time, then Seymour says, "You ate the only thing I ever loved!". Twoey laughs evily to shame Seymour. He remarks "You're monster, and so am I! It's gotta end! It's gotta stop right here!" But then, the plant shoves him and starts the same song as in the real ending, "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space". Though in this ending, when Seymour tries to shoot the plant with a 6-Shooter, the gun's bullets bounce off of the plant's strong head-pod and fail to damage the plant, and the "movie" ending returns when the plant takes away the gun from Seymour and starts shooting near him. Most of the same version of the real ending's song is used. Twoey grows bigger and taller and still causes destruction in the shop, and Seymour is hopelessly attacked trying to avoid death. Twoey removes the support beam to the shop, which crushes Seymour with falling debris. Another thing that greatly separates this part of the ending from the one in the movie is that Seymour still survived the debris falling on him. He breaks out of the rubble, only to be grabbed by the plant's vines. The plant pods sing a humming hymn as a screaming Seymour is slowly lifted and eaten by the plant. Twoey then burps out his glasses, and laughs evilly.

Then, the Chorus Girls show up, and they tell the audience that the plant pods were taken into sale without permission into florist stores. Hundreds of people buy the plant pods, and business runs rapid at the florist stores. Then, a TV shows that Cleveland is being attacked by a giant monster, and it is a giant Audrey II pod! The Chorus Girls tell the audience, no matter what the plants offer you, you should never feed the plants. ("Don't Feed the Plants"), and 2 plants attack New York City in a style of "The War of the Worlds". Buildings are destroyed, people and pets run for their lives to avoid getting eaten or killed by the plants, and the human race becomes more threatened of existence in America. One Twoey blows into the smokestack of an industrial business and blows up the entire building. A train is eaten by one pod, there is massive destruction, and there are several fire explosions in the city. Then, the U.S. Military come and attack an Audrey II pod on the Empire State Building. They soon turn their attention and fire rifle bullets at an Audrey II on top of the Statue of Liberty, and the Chorus Girls with the voices of Seymour, Audrey, Mushnik, and Orin sing to the audience, "Don't Feed the Plants". A big sencentce, "THE END?!?" comes in the screen, and one more Audrey II pod comes into the audience, and eats them.



  1. Somewhere That's Green (revised) by Audrey
  2. Mean Green Mother From Outer Space by Audrey II and Mini Audrey II Pods
  3. Finale Ultimo (Don't Feed the Plants) by the Chorus Girls and the Little Shop of Horrors Choir.


The footage was only available in a black-and-white work-print and lacked several sound effects. When the DVD was first released, David Geffen made Warner brothers Recall the DVD's because they put the original ending on the DVD without his consent. And the DVD got re-released without the original ending . On eBay, the DVD with the original ending costs $430 as of September 2009, when formally $150. The price may be increasing. The coloured original ending was destroyed in a fire in 2002, and the news was told in 2007 by Warner Brothers Studios. It is rumoured that David Geffen has a colour copy of the original ending. Some colour shots of the original ending can be seen in the Out Takes section of the current DVD's bonus features. On YouTube, the original ending can be seen, and now also on the current DVD and blu-ray releases of the film, marketed as a director's cut.

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